Wart Removal Creams

The market has been flooded with many over-the-counter wart removal products making one to be easily overwhelmed with information. As a result this may cloud one’s decision when buying the best wart remover. There are multiple wart removing creams that can be applied for effective wart removal. However, the following wart removal creams are rated the best in the market;


hghghghghghghghWatrin is regarded as the best fast-acting wart removal cream that contains salicyclic acid as an ingredient along with other natural skin care improvement ingredients such as Vitamin E and tea tree oil. With Watrin, one is guaranteed that within five hours of use, the warts turn white then black and eventually fall off. Wartrin boasts of a proprietary formula which gives fast results and does not necessarily require prescription. Watrin has been tried and is recommended as the best option available in the market and its prices are very friendly and affordable.


Nevi-skin is produced by DermalMeds. The product is a topical treatment cream that is formulated from selected herbal extracts. It is regarded as a good option since it does not acid-based ingredients and is known to remove plantar foot warts, genital warts, skin moles, skin tags, syringoma as well as common warts found around the hand or finger regions.


Wartamine formula contains naturally occurring active ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, olive leaf extract, tea tree oil, garlic and Vitamin E. Wartamine is recommended for removal of plantar and genital warts.

Bazuka gel

Bazuka gel contains salicylic acid as well as occurs in a range of products such as; Bazuka Gel, Bazuka Extra Strength Gel, Bazuka Treatment Gel and Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel. These colorless gels are contained in tubes that effectively work on genital warts, fat warts, plantar warts and common warts on hands, fingers and on foot.


Wartrol wart remover contains 17% salicylicacid as its active ingredient which makes it a popular OTC liquid wart remover. Other FDA approved inactive ingredients in its formulation include; Ethyl Alcohol, Menthol, Flexible Collodion, Ascorbic Acid, Polysorbate and Hydroxypropylcellulose. It comes with a brush applicator which makes it easy to use.

Trichloroacetic Acid Solution (TCA)

ghghgghghnnjjkplThis product is commonly used by doctors or dermatologists under limited use since it acts as a chemical skin peel. TCA has a corrosive nature since it contains concentrations of about 80%. The administration of TCA requires that is done by trained medical personnel to avoid damage to the healthy skins around the warts.